Improve Your Lure Fishing Results

Revised May 2004

Not surprisingly, quite a few of the emails I have received have asked how to improve results either through finding better locations or using better tactics, these articles are a short summary of my advice.

We all want to catch more and bigger fish, but: how far are you prepared to go? How much are you prepared to spend? And how hard are you prepared to work? You decide your own limits, but those limits of personal commitment translate into limits of how successful you can be. Some anglers are richer, have more time to spend, or live closer to top quality waters, and unless they are totally incompetent they will catch more and better fish than the average angler who gets out two or three times a month and fishes his nearest local venue, even if that angler is a particularly good angler, he will only catch what his waters contain. If someone can recite an impressive list of big fish it is a sure sign that they have access to some good waters, and time to spend on them.

So, how determined are you to catch fish? Decide your own limits and just how much you can put into your lure fishing. Read the following advice and decide how much of it you can use to help you catch more and better fish.

It is easy to split the advice into three sections, the first looks at all our knowledge of the fish and how it affects the angler, the second at our tackle, and the third at our approach and techniques.