Lure Forum

Post your messages, stories, boasts, lies, or general enquiries here, you might make new friends or discover magic lures. Please keep it all relevant and friendly. Despite what may take place on other forums it is possible to disagree with someone without calling them names. Remember that this is a child-friendly website and forum, messages that contain inappropriate content, bad language, offensive remarks or spam will be deleted. We have a good forum, please keep it that way.

You will have to register to post new messages or reply to existing ones but it will only take a few seconds, you can ignore most of the "profile" stuff if you like but it would be nice to know your name, it's not a big deal but if you are afraid to reveal it then it might make other users rather suspicious of your motives. You can put pictures in your posts, there is a size limit but it's quite a simple process. I will periodically delete time-specific messages as they go out of date, and perhaps remove irrelevant messages from old threads, for the sake of clarity.

PLEASE NOTE - it is not good practice to discuss fishing venues on web forums because the world can read about your magic swim and they will be there next weekend! Asking about venues will usually receive no response or maybe a few rude ones. If you are looking for places to fish in an area then your first port of call should be the local tackle shops, then consider joining the Pike Anglers Club so you can go to local meetings, and then perhaps join the Lure Anglers' Society and and make contact with local members through their forum.

Have fun - Enter the forum!