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For those who like making a mess with sawdust, wire offcuts and paint, getting cuts and burns on their fingers and making some pretty sticks!

Lure Making Links
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I've tried to split these into two categories, information sites and selling sites, but some info sites sell stuff and some selling sites have plenty of info. Where possible on bigger websites I've listed the page that takes you straight to the lure making section, sometimes this can't be done so you will have to follow the labyrinth of links. Some odd pages that I've found are part of websites where the rest of the content is only of very slight relevance to anglers at all. All in all it's a mixed bag, some are real gems and some are not! If you find any decent web pages on this theme please let me know.

DIY Lure Makers
Lurebuilding 101 -Dutch website (English translation) with a lot of information about building lures of different types. Very relevant for UK anglers.
Tackle Making Magazine -articles about making various types of lure. Clear and well-written with lots of supplementary information.
Tackle Underground -lure makers' resource with forums
Huntstats -instructions for making lures from everyday stuff
Kansas Angler -tips on making lures with molten lead

Suppliers of Components, Tools and Materials
UK Online
Harris Sportsmail -a small selection of components with online ordering
Glasgow Angling Centre -components and kits
The Glow Company -glowing things that might be usable in lure making
Glow Sticks -as above
Jennifields -spinnerbait stuff
Fishing Pool - components

Other UK suppliers without websites

Anglewise 01778 343853 - Graham Cornish has a useful range of components, flies, spinners and jigs mostly, Manta hooks
Non-UK -Dutch website (English translation) selling components, accepts UK phone orders
Barlows -components and some articles
Basspro -blades, skirts, components if you search around
Bloggs Tacklemakers -bench-mounted wire bending tool
Cabelas -large lure-building components section
Colorite -dyes for soft plastics
Creative Lure -complete kits, components and articles
Del-Mart -molds and plastic
Flex Coat -lure finishing
Hagen's -components
Herbie's Magic Dust -paint coating for jigheads
Industrial Polymers Inc. -lure making and coating material
Jann's Netcraft -components
J&J Custom Lures -a few components including custom painted blades, custom painting service
Lakeland Inc. -components, some interesting blade finishes
Living Rubber Co. -skirt making
Lure -stuff for spinnerbaits and jigs
Lurecraft -components -components and article
The Lure Doctor -Ron Mirabile's wooden lures, kits and a book
Lures By Design -lure making kits
Make Fishing Lures -a book on lure making
Moore's Lures -components for muskie/pike and walleye lures
Mortac -components, mostly for spinners and spoons
Rollie and Helen's Muskie Shop -components for muskie/pike lures
Polymer Lures -mould lures out of polymer clay and just heat them in the oven
Lure Plastisols -soft plastic for lure making
Skirtmaster -skirt making kits
Stamina -components for all lure making, they send you a proper paper catalogue with your order
U-Make Lures -lure making kits
Witchcraft -tape products, prism and holographic tape
Worth -components
Zeiner's Bass Shop -lure making supplies, plastic pouring instructions